CoLaboratory in Progress, Continued


The articulating structures built for this project, essentially large projection screens, were completely custom-made and fit for the space. This was the case down to the tracks that several pieces had as part of their structures.

Even within the space of the gallery, with large amounts of floor space and high ceilings, the project pieces spread out a lot before they came together to their final form. As the project headed toward completion, the three members of (f)utility were joined by EDJR pitching a hand, as well as several extremely generous friends. The last two weeks of the project had nearly a dozen people working in different capacities.

In the end, the project came together despite major technical challenges: seven structures, manipulatable by the viewer, with video from EDJR displayed on them. Additional footage came from the painting sessions in the back of the gallery, where the public was invited to join EDJR in rocking out to YouTube videos and painting in Yves Klein Blue, to contrast yet fold into the Miminalist structures in the main gallery.

The staff at the Glass Curtain Gallery and Columbia College were beyond supportive of the groups’ vision, and without their trust and belief in this project, this intervention would not have reached its ultimate resolution or impact.

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