About Chris Grieshaber

Chris Grieshaber

There aren’t many things that self-described ‘wearer of many hats’ Chris Grieshaber finds uninteresting in the world. From a young age, however, he would find himself drawing in the dirt instead of paying attention to the baseball game he was playing in. Taking that lack of interest into account, he eventually enrolled in and graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in fall 2011, with a BFA in art, emphasis in Designed Objects. He did so to bolster his interests in industrial design and art, and to understand and investigate the world with as many tools of possible.

In addition to being a member of the art collective (ƒ)utility projects, Chris develops work in different media, including drawing, printmedia and sculpture. He is also the in-house design director for a food and arts based website named Inside the Artist’s Kitchen, working on projects as diverse as the site’s logo, products co-developed with other artists, or a cookbook being published in 2015. He also holds a position at a major retail financial services company managing real estate assets and construction, which feels important to mention for some reason.